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Welcome to the world of lost-wax bronzes

Specifics informations for retailers

How to purchase an order?

To purchase an order, please follow this steps:

  • Add the items to your cart
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Fulfill the shipping information if they aren't on your account
  • Select "Shipping for professionals"
  • Then, select "Payment for professionals"
  • We will send you an invoice with the shipping cost
  • You may then choose the payment method suiting your convenience, preferably bank transfer or bank cheque, otherwise PayPal/credit card
What do the product codes correspond to?
  • BR00 - Bronzes small women seated
  • BR01 - Small brown bronzes
  • BR02 - Medium brown bronzes
  • BR03 - Men bronzes
  • BR04 - Seated brown women bronzes
  • BR05 - Large brown bronzes
  • BR06 - Very large brown bronzes
  • BR07 - Other Bronzes
I'd like to see more pictures of the bronzes, is that possible?

If you saw a specific product and you'd like to see more of it, send us the reference(s) and the angle or the part(s) you'd like to see and we will take extra pictures.

I saw a bronze I like on the customer store but I don't find it on the professional space?

The two spaces do not have the same items, but if you really want one specific product, we will send you the professional price.

I like your products but I'd like to see more of it, is that possible?

We generally have a big stock, if you want to see more items, send us the references you'd like and we will.

We have chosen to mainly work with resellers because:

- Our products are particularly appreciated when they are seen in real.

- For us, small businesses are an essential link in society and the social link.

- Our core business is to work on long-term relationships to allow our artisans to develop themself in a sustainable manner.

1) Contact us: if we do not have an exclusivity with a client, we will create you an access to the professional space of our website. Otherwise, we will put you on the waiting list.

2) You will receive a notification to activate your account and choose a password.

3) Once you're connected, you will be able to choose among hundreds of references.

4) Choose and add the items to your cart.

5) Validate the order. If you have any questions, emergency or want to see more models, drop us a line or call us.

6) We will prepare the package and send you a proforma invoice with the shipping cost.

7) Once the payment is made, we ship the order.

8) You will receive it between 24 hours and a week (it depends on the destination).

Please fell free to come meet us in Nantes (France) or in the Maison & Objet Trade Fair.

We work on long-term relationships so we always find a solution!

- The package is missing? We send a new order.

- A bronze is broken? Send us a picture and we refund you or send a new one.

- You do not sell a bronze? We exchange it without any question (but we like to know why :)).

Bronze is traditionally a melt of copper and tin. Its composition may vary, especially in Burkina Faso but our artisans are especially careful to offer the best possible quality.