Welcome to the home of lost-wax bronzes

Specifics informations for retailers

How to purchase an order?

To purchase an order, please follow this steps:

  • Add the items to your cart
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Fulfill the shipping information if they aren't on your account
  • Select "Shipping for professionals"
  • Then, select "Payment for professionals"
  • We will send you an invoice with the shipping cost
  • You may then choose the payment method suiting your convenience, preferably bank transfer or bank cheque, otherwise PayPal/credit card
What do the product codes correspond to?
  • BR00 - Bronzes small women seated
  • BR01 - Small brown bronzes
  • BR02 - Medium brown bronzes
  • BR03 - Men bronzes
  • BR04 - Seated brown women bronzes
  • BR05 - Large brown bronzes
  • BR06 - Very large brown bronzes
  • BR07 - Other Bronzes
I'd like to see more pictures of the bronzes, is that possible?

If you saw a specific product and you'd like to see more of it, send us the reference(s) and the angle or the part(s) you'd like to see and we will take extra pictures.

I saw a bronze I like on the customer store but I don't find it on the professional space?

The two spaces do not have the same items, but if you really want one specific product, we will send you the professional price.

I like your products but I'd like to see more of it, is that possible?

We generally have a big stock, if you want to see more items, send us the references you'd like and we will.