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Welcome to the world of lost-wax bronzes

Elegance in bronze

Discover unique pieces transcending fleeting trends and time periods

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Made from passion and fire

African art as you never saw it

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Tradition reinvented

A meeting between the best from France and Burkina Faso

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An amazing selection of lost wax bronzes, dedicated to professionals

Unique pieces

Lost-wax bronzes manufactured in the workshop of Issouf Bonkongou. Discover a large choice of models and sizes available in less than a week.

Exceptionnal bronzes

Finest art pieces made by Issouf Bonkoungou, a rated artist, they are the very essence of elegance.

the best artists of burkina faso

Discover the work of Issouf Bonkoungou, Boureima Ouedraogo or Yambou, some of the best lost-wax artists in Burkina Faso.

Modern bronzes

Abstract sculptures, they nonetheless convey a palpable emotion whatever the angle you're looking it from.

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