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Welcome to the world of lost-wax bronzes

We always try to support you as well as possible and therefore to provide you with all the tools you may need.
You will find on this page the main tools that we have implemented to date. For further assistance please feel free to contact us.

4 essential tools to help you sell

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The lost-wax process

The manufacture of lost-wax bronzes is a long process that requires different skills and many steps. Although it is difficult to summarize them in full, we have prepared a document to allow you to better understand and present to your customers the main stages of the manufacturing process.

- Download in french (pdf) or english (pdf)
- Download pictures and videos (Google Drive)

Certificates of authenticity 

In order to enhance Issouf's work and the pieces in your store, we offer a personalized certificate template with your et your store name.

The basic model is in A4 recto/verso but you can print several by sheets if you wish.
We can make any modifications you think necessary as long as they remain within our competences!

- Download a sample: (pdf)
- Request your custom model: (contact

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Product image

Price matrix

Over time, we offer more and more references and it is sometimes difficult to navigate!

We have therefore created two price matrices with the sizes and average weights of the main categories.

You can use those models for yourself but we can also customize it with your prices on request.

- Download the workshop matrice: (pdf)
- Download Issouf's bronzes matrix: (pdf)

Various tools

As we go along, we create tools for us or our customers that we can make available to you:

- Price tag without price (pdf)
- Price tags models (Indesign)
- Manufacturing photos and videos (Google Drive)
- Presentation texts of Issouf, Boureima or Yambou (Boukary Bonkoungou)

An idea, a desire? Ask us by clicking here: (contact) or write to me on:

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