Welcome to the home of lost-wax bronzes

The lost-wax casting method

Steps of bronzes manufacturing

Clay preparation

First of all, the artist has to prepare the clay blended with donkey manure for the future mold.

Model-making by sculpting the wax

Then, the achievement of the bronze statue continue with the artist modelling an original model made in wax.

Preparation of the mold

Once the model is prepared, the artist prepare the mold. It's beginning by shaping the blowhole. Indeed, one or more openings are made for the wax to flow out and for the bronze to be cast in and for air to escape.

Clay laying

The sculpture is molded by applying carefully the clay blended on it, a very resistant material.

Laying the frames in the gangue

An armature in a sculpture is used for supporting the weight of the clay. Once the mold become dry, it is heatened up.

Wax chasing

The wax melts and flows out through the openings. The artist collects it in a container.

Bronze casting

The melted bronze is casted and it fills the print left by the melted wax. Once the bronze is solidified and has grown cold.

Removing the scories

The mold is broken in order to extract the sculpture: thus each item is unique. At this stage, many defects remain, scories has to be removed.


Then follows a long and delicate finishing work before finding again the bronze copy true to the initial wax sculpture..